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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Gets Kneecapped by Fans After She Stunts In Short Dress

Social media had a field day roasting “Basketball Wives of L.A.” star Jennifer Williams after she shared a photo showing off her legs.

Williams has been distancing herself from the drama she experienced on “BBW” last season and seemingly turning over a new leaf. In a recent Instagram post, she spoke about being grateful for the things happening in her life.

She wrote, “Sometimes you just need a moment to take it all in… #AttitudeOfGratitude ❤️🙏🏽.”

Williams also shared a photo of herself donning a mini polka-dot lace dress — from her Classy Girl Wardrobe boutique — with a pair of brown kitten heels.

Jennifer Williams

(photo credit: Instagram/ J.W.)

However, the reality star’s knees became the center of attention, and folks began roasting her appearance.

“LMAO…The first thing I noticed were those knees!!! They look like two areolas on a pair of knees 😂.”

“Jen baby what’s wrong with your knees?”

“Those knees 😂.”

Other fans defended Williams and said she looked absolutely stunning.

“Y’all crazy and hating, she looks stunning👏!!!! Absolutely gorgeous. Who tf is looking at her knees? Girl, do your thing, you look like MONEY.”

“I’m tryna figure out why y’all zoomed in on her knees when they look exactly how they’re suppose to look👏… Like knees 😂 y’all finding any everything to hate on her that y’all gotta complain about her kneessss lmao you look beautiful Jen as always 😍.”

“Seeing you in your fabulous dress you always look adorable and so dress to impress your figure is so desirable your so slim and so divine. Girl you should be a runway model with them legs.”

“I loooooove this dress!! #SuperCute U look gorgeous Jen😍.”

The VH1 star celebrated her 43rd birthday in September with a luxurious vacation to France. She wrote on Instagram, “In these Parisian streets on my favorite street… ❤️ #StillCelebratingMyBirthday.”

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