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‘What an Asshole’: ‘Black Ink’ Fans Crucify Ceaser for Disrespecting Sky In Front of Her Son

The Internet said Ceaser Emanuel completely crossed the line after he overtly disrespected Sky Days before her child during Wednesday night’s explosive episode of “Black Ink Crew.”

Things finally came to a head between Emanuel and his right-hand employee after Days finally opened her boutique against his wishes.

In this week’s episode, Days headed south from Brooklyn to Miami for a business trip behind Emanuel’s back. She told the “Black Ink” boss she was sick, although it was a complete lie. However, the fib she spewed ended up backfiring on her after Emanuel checked her social media only to find out that she’d lied to him about being sick to open up her shop.

Ceaser Emanuel

(photo credit: VH1 screenshot/ L; Ceaser E. & Sky D. clash

Emanuel was angry and confronted Days about her “fraud” behavior in front of the entire “Black Ink” gang, including her son, after she returned to the shop. He claimed his issue with Days was that she told him she wasn’t going to open her shop.

The mother of two shot back, “No you told me I wasn’t going to do it. … I’m a do my thang!”

Things really got heated when Emanuel told Days to “go ahead and do ya thang. … you f**king fired!”

“Get your f**king ass up and see how that f**king shop run gonna run! Be your own boss!” He then added, “Peace and blessing yo. You lying ass b**ch!

“Black Ink” viewers were over Emanuel’s “black crab syndrome” and couldn’t believe how he disrespected Days in front of her 18-year-old son Des.

“Cease is so disrespectful! Not only did he call sky a bitch but called her one in front of her son…. Like really? Then as her son he just sat there instead of checking on her 😱.”

“Cease calling Sky a bitch in front her son was disrespectful. He did it in front the right one cause Genisis wasn’t gonna sit there quiet. We know how that nigga can get.”

“So ceaser called sky out her name & said it in front of her son 😢.”

“WOOOWWWW!! Did he really just call her a bitch in front of her son?? Cesar needs a good ass whooping to bring his un-humble ass back down to reality!! AND he hating on Sky!! Wasn’t he like this with Puma too?? Its official. Cesar is a hater…😐😔💯.”

“He called Sky a b**ch in front of her son. Ceaser need to chill on the disrespect tho black crab asshole.”

Other fans said they understood why Emanuel was angry at Days after she lied about going to Miami.

“Wow Sky 😱 was really wrong for going behind Caesar Back and go to Miami now she’s about to get FIRED FROM black ink this is gonna be her last time you been slipping and not doing your job Bye Sky your out of here.”

“Sky dead wrong for lying to Cease. I get why he mad.”

Checkout Emanuel and Days’ explosive argument:

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