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Woah: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceaser Pulls a Fast One and Disrespectfully Fires Sky

Black Ink Crew” shop owner Ceaser Emanuel has been on quite a power trip this season, but it took fans by shock when he gave his ride-or-die employee Sky Days the boot.

Emanuel wanted everybody to know that he was the “boss” after firing Donna Lombardi last week and now he’s given his most loyal employee Days the pink slip also. The last episode, Days revealed to her long-time friend and boss that she planned on stepping into the fashion industry by launching a fashion boutique in Miami, Florida. However, the one person she thought would be happy for her was the same person who completely “spazzed tf” out on her.

“Why the f**k would you wanna go into the fashion industry when we’re about to take over the ink industry,” Emanuel said to Days. “Or we could open up a ‘Black Ink’ in Miami, not a f**king boutique!”

Ceaser Emanuel

(photo credit: L; Ceaser E. & R; Sky D./Instagram) Sky fires Ceaser )

Well, it seemed that Emanuel wasn’t quite finish with his beef with Days. He and the mother of two got into a heated argument in an upcoming episode after she decided to open up her clothing store behind his back.

“This is beyond f**ked up!” Emanuel yelled while throwing his phone. He told Days, “I’m the boss of this s**t you lying ass b**ch! You fu**ing fired.”

“Black Ink” viewers were taken aback after he fired Days and took to Twitter to express their frustration with Emanuel.

“The way Ceasar treats people is gonna be the downfall of black ink 😒 . You can’t run a business and treat your employees like shit and expect them to stay.”

“Ceaser, with his narcissistic ass is so selfish! Why can’t he be supportive of his ‘sister’😔? His actions proved that the love was never there. All the while, Sky has been loyal to him.”

“Caesar is gonna go to the shop one day and nobody is gonna be there cause he treats everyone like shit!”

“Everybody in that shop deserves a chance at their dreams 💯. The problem is Ceaser wants the world surrounded around him, which is so selfish.”

“Wtf Ceaser fired Sky 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄🤔! And i got to wait 2 weeks to see this! Ahh man come on!”

“Cesar’s the new Trump!?!? “You’re Fired”!!!! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🙄🤔😑.”

Watch the explosive trailer for the upcoming episode:

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