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‘Black Ink Crew’ Young Bae Introducing Her Mom to her Black Fiancé Leaves Twitter Gasping

Black Ink Crew” star Young Bae had Twitter on fire after she neglected to tell her mother about her Black fiancé.

Bae and her fiancé Rob are both new parents to their adorable son Niko, and the newbie mom needed a little assistance with the baby. Therefore, Bae called up her mother, who traveled from South Korea to the United States help her with little Niko.

However, the “Black Ink” tattoo artist forgot to tell Rob that her mother was staying with them for the next three months and she also never mentioned to her mother that her fiancé wasn’t Korean. So when Rob and Bae’s mother met for the first time it was pretty awkward, to say the least.

Young Bae

(VH1 Screenshot: L; Bae’s mom, Young Bae, R; Rob)

Moments after Bae’s mother walked through the door, her mouth completely dropped when she saw Rob and was shocked. She asked her daughter, “Is this the groomsman?” all while quickly grabbing baby Niko into her arms. She then read Bae’s fiancé about his lack of manners, etiquette and wearing dirty shoes around the baby.

Rob, who doesn’t speak Korean, was confused as to what Bae’s mother was saying, but he knew the lady was pretty upset. When he asked Bae to translate, she went back and forth between her mother and fiancé, mis-translating everything they said about each other.

The episode definitely raised a few eyebrows among “Black Ink” viewers, and the Twitter peeps needed answers quick.

“So you mean to tell me , Bae didn’t tell her mom she had a wholeee baby with a Black man?”

“Your Korean mum doesn’t know your baby dad is Black? What you doing young bae 🤔.”

“Bae’s mom 😂 she came in snappin. Young bae, your mum didn’t know your partner is BLACK. Say it with your chest🙄🤔.”

“Young Bae is funny and all but this “I’m scared to tell my Mom my fiancé is black” BS ain’t sitting right w/ me”

Take a look at the clip below:


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