K. Michelle Says She Cares Too Much or Not at All In Candid Post, Fans Identify with Message

K. Michelle recently shared a post expressing her carefree attitude, and it apparently struck a chord with fans.

The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer is known for being extremely vocal and telling it like it is to those she loves and dislikes. In an Instagram post over the weekend, she revealed that there’s no gray area for her when it comes to her friends and family.

The artist shared a post on social media Sunday evening that read, “I either give too many f**ks or no f**ks at all. It is like I cannot find a middle ground for moderate f**k distribution.”

K. Michelle


The artist added, “It’s just me.”

Folks bombarded K. Michelle’s comment section and said her unbothered message absolutely resonated with them.

“My life in a nutshell 😂.”

“😂 There’s just no in between 🤷🏽‍♀️ Listennnn its the #pisces in us.”

“Me too, I thought I was the ONLY one with this issue… I’m glad I’m not the only one with this dilemma no kidding 🙄.”

“Felt this on a whole different level!!!! I can relate.”

“The story of my life. Thought I might work on it, but I just reverted back to what you just said so I couldn’t👏🏽.”

K. Michelle revealed to fans in November that she is currently working on her new album. She shared a small sneak peek of an upcoming single she was recording and let folks know she’s fallen back in love with music again.

“I just wrote this in 20 minutes. I’m back in my feelings,” K. Michelle wrote in the Instagram post. “I done lost my innocence and I ain’t loved right ever since* #R&Bmoney.”

Fans were happy to see the star back in the studio and demanded she drop her music “A.S.A.P”

“I can not wait until you release we can’t wait any longer! I have everything you have put on iTunes 💖!” one fan wrote.

However, K. Michelle announced on social media last week that she wouldn’t be dropping a new single from her album until February 2019.

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