After Putting the Brakes on Their Divorce, Dr. Simone Whitmore Celebrates Anniversary with Husband

“Married to Medicine” star Dr. Simone Whitmore is celebrating a milestone in her marriage after hitting pause on her divorce.

The Bravo celebrity’s initially said her marriage was over after her husband, Cecil Whitmore, refused to cut ties with a female friend named Tammy. The fallout — which resulted in the pair living separately — was captured on season five of the medical reality show but something changed during the reunion special, which aired in March.

“I do love you, I don’t want to get a divorce. I was being stubborn over something that doesn’t matter to me,” Cecil told his wife between filming the reunion. “I’m willing to do whatever and if that means that I’ve allowed a friend to come into our lives that shouldn’t be there, then it’s over.”

The bombshell came just hours after Dr. Whitmore had drafted the divorce papers that morning. And as for speculation about whether or not the couple stuck it out after cameras stopped rolling, the doctor told Bravo they were on the road to harmony.

“Cecil and I left the reunion committed to one another to work on our marriage,” she. “We are in counseling individually and together. We are still living separately but hopeful for a union under one roof soon.”

And by May, it seems as if everything is going well between the spouses. The Whitmores acknowledged 22 years of marriage on their Instagram accounts, with Cecil even flashing back to some memories from years past.

“Happy 22nd Anniversary @cecilcwhit! Never would have made it without God’s blessings! #endlesslove,” she posted on Instagram Friday, May 25.

Meanwhile, Cecil captioned his shoutout “5/25/96. Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife @drsswhit! 22 Years. It has been an amazing journey together. I LOVE YOU! Looking forward to our next 22. Swipe Left.”

In response, several fans have applauded the couple making it to more than two decades of marriage.

“Love wins!!! 🤩😍🤩😍 Happy Anniversary!!! 🥂,” someone said.

“Yassssss!!! Love love 💕,” another wrote.

“May God continue to bless your love journey together through thick and thin,” said another. “Keep God first.”

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