Yandy Smith Slammed for Leaving Foster Child Out of Family Portrait ‘Just Like a Foster Mother’

Yandy Smith recently received backlash after posting a family picture without her foster daughter.

Earlier this year, Smith made the decision to go from mentor to foster mom. She took a young girl by the name of Infinity Gilyard under her wings after mentoring her years ago with the non-profit organization EGL Partners Uplifting our Daughters. In August, Smith announced that a New York judge granted her approval to foster the young girl and the “Love and Hip Hop” star welcomed Gilyard into her family.

However, Smith took to Instagram on Sunday and shared a photo of she, her mother and her two biological children. She wrote, “I wanted to be just like her. I hope they want to be just like me. My momma, Me (momma bear) and my two lil puds.”

Smith later edited the post and added, “@tooiinfinityandbeyond so mad she had basketball practice and wasn’t able to hang 😞.”

Yandy Smith

(photo credit: @yandysmith)

Fans quickly noticed that Gilyard was missing and blasted the star for excluding her foster child out of her family portrait.

“Where’s your oldest daughter? Would have completed the pic.”

“Where’s you other beautiful daughter?”

One person commented, “Just like a foster parent to leave out the foster child 🤦‍♀️.”

The LHH star clapped back at critics, “BLOCKED!!! Don’t play with me when it comes to her! Please!”

Smith said she’s still going through the legal process of adopting Gilyard, but expressed how ecstatic she is to become a foster parent.

“I never know how God wants to use me,” the mother of two wrote. “Every day I’m learning how to be a better me and this new chapter is going to take a lot of learning. I know there’s a process in everything…this has been an emotional one. I met @tooiinfinityandbeyond when she was in 7th grade speaking at her school, never thought 3 years later I would be in the process of becoming a foster mother to her.”

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