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Future Posts Opinions about Women’s Nails, Brings Out Claws from Critics

Future posted a video and described his favorite way for women to wear their nails. It’s something he recorded while in his car, and it sparked a huge reaction.

“The first choice is white, you gotta have white,” said the Atlanta rapper. “The second one is nude. The third choice is red. Fish gel. It gotta be wet. Red is the third choice. The fourth one has to be either neon wet, green wet, yellow wet. No. 5 is black. Gotta have the black nails. Somewhere in that order in my opinion.”

Future listed his favorite ways he likes women to wear their nails


Based on the comments, a lot of folks found the post strange. Others seemed annoyed by it, which could be related to the rapper bringing one baby’s mother, Brittni Mealy, to a party thrown by another baby’s mother, Joie Chavis.

“What does nail color have to do with treating all the baby mama’s you have?” one person asked.

“Does he really get to have standards?” asked another. “How about top five ways not to get another chick pregnant.”

“His presence is annoying,” a third person wrote.

“How about stop having a million kids,” another commented.

But someone said people should back off the “WRLD On Drugs” rapper because his post wasn’t disrespectful, nor was he talking about his personal life.

“He literally made a list of his preference in nail color and you guys talking baby mamas and kids. Damn, ya’ll so toxic,” someone wrote.

Future hasn’t responded to the backlash as of yet. You can see his post below.

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