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Future’s Girlfriend and Baby Mama Brittni Mealy Responds To Critics After She Was Shamed for Accompanying Him to His New Baby Mama’s Shower

Future and his ex Joie Chavis are having a baby, and they recently had an event to celebrate. But as his date, the rapper brought along his new girlfriend Brittni Mealy, who he also has a child with.

It’s something that folks on the Internet had a blast dissecting and commenting on, since a lot of people slammed Mealy for not keeping away from Chavis, as well as the party.

Mealy was also criticized for even being with Future and celebrating the fact that he got another woman pregnant. Some also said she was “being played.”

Brittni Mealy Responded To Critics Who Blasted Her For Going To Joie Chavis' Baby Shower


After the backlash, it appeared that Mealy had enough and she responded to everyone with a very cryptic message.

“People do what they have to do to protect their assets,” she wrote. “It’s too much money at risk.”

Brittni’s message didn’t actually quiet the chatter, however. If anything it only grew louder and folks left even more comments. Plus, there were some that believed she was communicating something about Future with her post, and she saw him as a money-making opportunity.

“Just know he won’t be at the top for long, so if his baby mamas were smart they’d be saving up for their kids,” one person wrote about the situation.

But another person said people should back off Mealy, because Future didn’t do anything wrong to either her or Chavis.

“How did he embarrass her?” someone asked. “Our perception of their lives isn’t their reality.”

Chavis also has a baby with Bow Wow, so there’s yet another person involved in all of this.

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