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‘Hell No!’ Porsha Williams Wants a Big Family But She Draws the Line at Having Her Own ‘Brady Bunch’

Porsha Williams is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Dennis McKinley and she is looking to grow her family quickly.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star explained on “Dish Nation” Tuesday that she doesn’t want to waste any time giving her daughter, affectionately known as PJ, two younger siblings.

“My limit is my age, I mean, I’m 37 so… we definitely stopping at three,” she says before adding to her stunned co-hosts, “Yeah, “I’ma have ’em every year. Do it back to back — unless I have some twins.”

Da Brat mentioned if Williams wants to do it that way, she may as well get enough to form a music group like The Jackson 5 or have enough to match “The Brady Bunch.” But Williams isn’t on board with that as she replied with a resounding “hell no!”

Fans, however, expressed doubt that Williams will actually follow through with that exact plan.

“Go through labour and no sleep for weeks on end and ask her again.😜 It’s not as easy as some women think.”

“I don’t think she’ll have 3.”

“She’ll probably have two.”

“Yea she gone have this one and call it quits.”

“🤨Shhhhhyyyyyytttt. She better re-think that statement. 😂😂 Cause when those 3 stages of labor hit her she might be like hell to the naw… Especially when she gets to active labor and then transition phase aka pushing the baby out. 😂😂. I say two kids and 2/3 yrs apart. Good luck thou..”

“That’ll change after the first one lol.”

“Everybody say that until after labor with the 1st 😂”

Williams revealed she was expecting a baby with McKinley in September after rumors swirled all summer that she was pregnant. When discussing the news with People magazine, she admitted that she had “mixed feelings.”

“The other feeling that I had beside excitement was fear,” she said. “I’ve had a miscarriage before in my past, which I’ve also been open about because I suffer with fibroids and had to have a myomectomy. So just the fear of, ‘Is the baby going to be okay? Will I make it full term?’ All those questions that you ask if you’ve had a miscarriage before.”

And Williams has had a scare because of her fibroids.

Earlier in November, she was hospitalized for complications “due to large fibroids,” an insider told People magazine. After being put on bed rest for a week, Williams has bounced back and even felt well enough to bust a move during a recent photoshoot.

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