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K. Michelle’s Kind Gesture to Help Instagram Model Suffering from Illegal Butt Injections Backfires

Singer K. Michelle recently volunteered to help a woman dealing with the effects of illegal silicone butt injections after getting bombarded with requests from fans.

The “Love Em All” singer opened up about her butt enhancements in 2017. After experiencing severe pain in her lower body, she found out that the illegal butt injections spread down her legs and caused damage to her tissue.

“It’s the scariest thing in life, and I’m a tough girl,” K. Michelle told People in June. “I had these lumps and I was very disfigured.”

The 34-year-old mother underwent four different surgical procedures to completely remove the butt injections that threatened her health.

K. Michelle has since offered to help other Instagram model’s dealing with the same situation. Fans messaged her about Desiree Davis story.

K. Michelle


“Ya’ll keep hitting me up about this girl who is dying from silicone, but this is the same girl that’s always scamming 4 money online,” the reality star wrote in an Instagram post. “If this girl is truly sick I will Help pay for her recovery. … Tell her send me proof, and I’ll handle the rest.”

However, it appears that K. Michelle’s quest to do good may have backfired in her face. Model Desiree Davis who goes by “Smiley Asian” on Instagram accepted the singer’s offer to help at first but later blasted her for slander.

K Michelle’s IG

K Michelle’s IG




“Idc who helps me or not I’m getting this toxic shit outta my body before it kills me or shuts down organs in my body,” Davis wrote on Instagram. “I’ve never seen so many people be hateful or call somebody a liar that ain’t never did nothing to them. If ima scammer who I scam ? Where’s the proof fuck outta here.”

K. Michelle

(photo credit: Instagram)

Davis claimed she is having major health problems because of the silicone injections.

“Y’all hate a person for keeping it real but love a person for being fake! I’m too real for this fake ass internet being real and helping others is suppose to come from the heart not what other people say!” the model added.

K. Michelle has yet to respond back to Davis’ insults, but folks had a lot to say.

One fan wrote, “Why people acting like @kmichellemusic owe anybody anything 🤷🏽‍♀️ she didn’t make anyone make the decision to get injections.. if she helps anyone out the goodness of her heart then that’s her choice.”

K. Michelle

(photo credit: R; K. Michelle & L; Smiley Asian)

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