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K. Michelle Comes Clean About Butt Injections: ‘I Regret Them’

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K. Michelle admitted her illegal butt injections has led to health issues. (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

While celebrities getting nipped and tucked has long been all the rage, singer K. Michelle has expressed regret over her enhancements. The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star confessed as much during a recent listening party for her upcoming album and she left no detail off the table.

“I wanted an ass larger than my personality, and it became heavy. Very heavy,” Vibe reported she told “The People I Used to Know” listening party attendees Thursday, Nov. 30 of the effects of her illegal butt injections. “People really don’t talk about it. Like today alone I had to be at the orthopedic surgeon. I’ve just been having health issues, all because I wanted something that God did not give me.”

“I wanted what was in, I wanted the trend. I wanted a big ass and a little waist,” she added. “That’ll make every n—- want you, but that won’t make them stay.

“I did this s–t in a hotel room and now I’m at the doctor,” she went on, making reference to a thought she had that led to the song, “Kim K.” Dr. Aisha Baron, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing at Breast Body Beauty Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, Ga., says there’s a danger in getting illegal injections because they are not FDA approved.

“They’re most likely considered not safe,” Baron, who has not treated K. Michelle, told Atlanta Black Star. “The people who are doing these injections aren’t trained medically most of the time. It’s just someone who decides to open up a fake clinic in a back alley of a hotel or something like that and you don’t know exactly what they’re injecting. They could be injecting silicone, they could be injecting some sort of hydrogel filler, they could be injecting Fix-A-Flat [tire inflator].”

She added that removing injections can be a challenge, as many surgeons don’t want to see such patients because they’re going in blind and can’t guarantee the results will return patients back to their pre-surgery looks.

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“While we would love to help patients kind of get back to their normal self, it’s really hard and it could potentially put our results and our reputation in jeopardy,” Baron added.

K. Michelle told XoNecole in June that she was removing her injections, which she said she got after being influenced by the models she saw on Instagram. The songstress has been saying that she wanted her natural body back at least since 2015 and she has finally reduced the size of her rear end.

But Baron warns against looking at others for inspiration on how to enhance your body.

“It’s never wise to alter your body in order to ‘keep up with the Joneses,'” she said. “So while those things may be attractive, they’re not for everyone.

“I think that’s where people kind of get messed up,” Baron continued. “They have unreasonable motivation surrounding surgery and unrealistic expectations when it comes to it. You have to be happy with yourself because no matter what, if you’re still not happy with yourself or who you are on the inside, having surgery isn’t gonna fix that, ultimately.”

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