Folks Scold ‘LHHNY’ Kimbella for Dressing Inappropriately In Front of Her Kids: ‘Sis Cover Up’

Love and Hip Hop” star Kimbella Vanderhee received backlash from fans for her provocative attire during Monday night’s season premiere.

Vanderhee and her long-time love Juelz Santana made their way back to reality television and are permanent cast-mates on season 9 of “LHHNY.” During Monday night’s episode, the New York rapper revealed to Vanderhee that he could be facing a few years in jail.

Kimbella Vanderhee

(photo credit: VH1 screenshot/ Kimbella)

The mother of two stressed the importance of family time together and insisted she and Santana spend quality time with their children before his possible lock-down. As the couple was heading to the park with their children, “LHH” viewers couldn’t help but notice Vanderhee’s garments. She sported a two-piece spandex outfit with a sleeveless crop-top showing her cleavage and fitted bottoms that hugged her curvy frame.

Folks condemned Vanderhee for her choice of fashions and said she looked like an “Insta model.”

“This is how Kimbella dresses 2 take the kids 2 the playground 😕.”

“Fam. Kimbella does not dress appropriately for her kids or to be around kids 😔. She dress like life is Instagram.

“Kimbella could’ve gotten a hoodie an sweatshirt who wears that to a kids park #LHHNY.”

“Kimbella you at the park with ya kids wearing that 😕.”

“Kimbella…is that what you really wear around your kids?the damn top don’t even fit. #tasteless.”

“Son who goes to the park with they kids dressed like that Kimbella need to sit her ass down 😑.”

“So you on an outing with your kids with all your titties out? Ok kimbella. My sons would have checked my ass real quick 🤣.”

Kimbella remains unbothered by haters and is currently celebrating her new engagement with Santana. She wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, “We’ve been together since 2009, next year will make 10 years. Ladies if that’s the man you want & love you will wait however long if the love is real!.”

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