Here’s Why LHHNY Star Juelz Santana’s Proposal to Kimbella Is Being Clowned on Twitter

Social media clowned rapper Juelz Santana after he popped the question to his longtime love Kimbella Vanderhee on Friday, Nov. 23.

Santana and Vanderhee were in an off-and-on relationship for nine years and experienced a lot of relationship woes. The “Dipset” rapper cheated on his fiancée in the past with other women, but the pair managed to work through their issues. Vanderhee also held the musician down when he was battling a drug addiction. However, the couple clearly placed their past relationship troubles behind them and will be heading down the aisle soon.

Santana and “The Diplomats” hit the stage on Friday at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Their performance marked the release of their new album “Diplomatic Ties,” which debuted on Thanksgiving Day. In the midst of the group’s performance, Santana called his longtime girlfriend to the stage, got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Vanderhee said yes, of course, moments before they locked lips onstage.

Juelz Santana

( photo credit: Instagram/ L; Juelz S. and Kim H.)
Juelz Proposes to Kimbella onstage.)

The pair’s sweet moment was panned by Twitter users who clowned Santana for placing the engagement ring on the wrong hand, for proposing with the possibility of doing time in jail, and waiting almost a decade to finally ask the mother of his two children to marry him.

“After 10years and 6kids later, losing his teeth, and going to prison; juelz finally proposed to Kimbella 😂?”

“Bro Kimbella Suck the tongue and dentures out Julez mouth and she STILL aint notice him put that ring on her wrong finger . 🤔.”

“The only reason why Juelz proposed to kimbella is cause he going to jail & need them conjugal visits to be lit. But congrats!”

“Kimbella said “if you love him you’ll wait” She waited 10 years, for her man to be addicted to drugs, lose his teeth, cheat on her constantly, be a week away from going to jail and not have a penny to his name before she got her ring. If you loved YOURSELF you would NOT wait.”

“He waited 10 years to propose and couldn’t even put the ring on the right hand 🤣.”

Both halves of the couple have shared their special moment all over Instagram, and Vanderhee wrote in a now-deleted post, “We’ve been together since 2009, next year will make 10 years. Ladies if that’s the man you want & love you will wait however long if the love is real!.”

The couple will star on the new season of “Love and Hip Hop: New York” set to air on Nov. 26.

Check out their special moment below:

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