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‘You Got Ya Joke Off, Next’: Juelz Santana Hits Back at Trolls Who Clowned Jokes at His New Set of Pearly White Teeth Following Split From Kimbella

Juelz Santana proudly showed off his fresh pair of pearly whites in a recent Instagram video. The rapper documented the process of him getting new teeth at the dentist, but he couldn’t contain his bright smile at the end of his clip.

“Got me right,” he said before pausing to show off his teeth. “Came to see my man doctor. Got me right, smiling…ayyyyee,” the New York native continued while getting into a car. “Stop playing with me, baby.” 

Obviously impressed by his doctor’s work, Santana wrote up a caption shouting out his oral surgeon. “Watch Ya Mouth! Not Mines [laughing emojis] Got Me Right @dr_rubinstein GETTING Ready 4 The Win…” he said.

Juelz Santana gets new teeth. (Photo: @thejuelszsantana/Instagram.)

Despite this exciting occasion, Santana found himself fighting off trolls in his comments section who tried to clown him for his new teeth. However, the “There It Go” rapper let it be known no one was dimming his smile. 

“These aren’t going to fall out right?” one troll wrote to which Santana replied, “I hope not… ok u got ya joke off next [laughing emojis].”

Another individual attempted to joke that Santana’s surgery was incomplete writing, “Nah tops with no bottoms is crazy g.”

Educating the troll on his surgery process, Santana responded, “Wow for u to even say that in crazy smh… but I been got my bottoms done I had to wait for the top to heal to get them permanent in.” 

The Neighborhood Talk reposted Santana’s video as well, and social media users were having a field day joking about his teeth as a single man.

“Okayyy single and new teeth [applause emojis] dipset might as well make us a track right quick.”

A few fans brought up Santana’s estranged wife, Kimbella Ann Vanderhee. The two were on and off for over a decade and finally tied the knot in 2019. However, Vanderhee recently announced she was single in a cheeky Instagram post.

“He had too… Kimbella the only one that wanted him like that… congrats bro.”

‘Juelz Santana left Kimbella and got some new teeth. You know what I call that? Growth.’

In 2018, Santana’s dental upkeep came into question after his hip-hop group “The Diplomats” released their music video for “Sauce Boyz.” The video derailed after a fan screenshot a clip of Santana’s mouth wide open showing his two front teeth missing. 

Fans began to upload jokes, memes, and questions about Santana’s teeth. The troll king himself, 50 Cent, joined in and mocked him in a now-deleted Instagram post. Santana seemingly responded to the “Many Men” rapper by uploading a photo of himself with a full set of teeth and a caption that read “Next.”

Santana finally addressed the conversation during the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” season 9 premiere stating that his missing teeth were an effect of drug usage

Though he never specified what substance he fell victim to using, many speculations pointed to methamphetamine as a possible culprit.

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