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Jennifer Williams Continues to Distance Herself from ‘Basketball Wives’ Drama Months After Ditching Reunion

Jennifer Williams seems to want to distance herself further and further from the drama she experienced during “Basketball Wives” last season.

Her latest attempt came in the form of a meme she posted on Instagram Sunday which read, “People be waiting for you to slip but every time you slip it’s into more blessings.”

Jennifer Williams


“That part!!! Happy Sunday 🙏🏽,” Williams added in the caption.

Many fans backed up the reality star’s sentiments.

“Well Said Beautiful a Must Share @jenniferwilliams.”

“Lovely quote my friend 😊😊”

“Speak it sister.”

“Hannnnn believe that 🙌🏾 BLESSED 🙏🏾”

“MORNING MUVA ❤ 🙌 YES THIS ALL OF THIS ❤️ @jenniferwilliams”

“Happy Sunday to you jenniferwilliams… FACTS💯🙏🙏”

“Jennifer girl you are so right 🤷‍♀️”

“Come on now, Say It!!! AMEN!!!”

Williams hasn’t had the easiest time with her BBW co-stars. She was entangled in a she-said-she-said with Tami Roman over who brought up the rumor that Evelyn Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex, whom Williams confirmed on “The Breakfast Club” last month was said to be Shaquille O’Neal.

And after having a near-violent incident with Malaysia Pargo during the series’ season finale in Amsterdam, Williams skipped the reunion taping and sent a letter from her lawyer pointing to safety issues as a reason. Pargo famously threw a table at Williams after she got fed up with Williams not owning up to her supposed lies.

“After having a table being thrown at me I just didn’t feel like I needed to be there,” she told “The Breakfast Club” in September. “I just want to clarify, the reunion was being filmed on a Sunday and my attorney sent a letter on Friday [saying I wouldn’t attend].”

In another recent effort to move past her drama on the show, she proudly declared in September that she jetted off to Paris to celebrate her birthday “with my real friends” — not her BBW castmates.

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