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‘Where’s Traci?’ Fans Confused After Tamar Braxton Posts Family Photo Without Traci Braxton

Tamar Braxton shared a family photo she took over the holiday and fans quickly noticed one sister was missing.

It appears that Braxton and her big sister Traci Braxton are still at odds after Tamar’s latest Instagram photo. The “Love and War” singer took to Instagram on Friday and uploaded a picture of her, her mother Evelyn Braxton and her three sisters Toni, Towanda and Trina Braxton.

Tamar Braxton

(photo credit: Tamar’s Family photo/Instagram)

Tamar captioned the family portrait, “Thanksgiving….. Thank you Jesus 🍁.”

Folks were puzzled by the image that featured all of Tamar’s sisters except one and bombarded her with one question at hand “Where’s Traci?”

“Yes nice picture of u guys u look good but someone is missing ijs 🤔.”

“Wheres Tracey?🤔. You speak about family, shouldn’t family include everyone? So sad😢.”

“I just love seeing you all together @tamarbraxton where is @therealtracibraxton???”

“Saddened, praying for unity, Traci stood her ground and respectfully all should accept.”

“😱 OMG where is Traci y’all always leaving her out.”

“Hey Happy Late Thnxgiving. I sorry 2 hear or see that Tracie isnt in the pic. .. Tamar do Treats Tracie different from the other sisters.”

“Yes i am going to ask where is traci you girl has shown the worldas sister and that how we would want to see you all. Traci should be there and i know tamar had something to do with it.”

“Happy Thanksgiving ❤❤❤Love Yall❤️ and where is traci, just as I thought. Much love to you traci wherever you are.”

During the taping of “Braxton Family Values” in March, Tamar, Tony, Towanda, Trina and Evelyn all walked off the set of the reality show due to financial troubles, but Traci decided to stay. Tamar, in particular, took issue with that and allegedly said that Traci was “dead” to her.

Traci confirmed in an October interview that she and Tamar haven’t spoken since their falling out.

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