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‘I Want to Sleep With Her:’ K. Michelle Includes Pass at Dej Loaf in Retort to Fan Who Shades Her Hairstyle

K. Michelle doesn’t seem to be done quite yet with shooting her shot with the ladies.

The R&B singer has never been shy about her bisexuality and her interest in women. During interview with New York’s Power 105 in 2016, she admitted to being in a relationship with another woman for three months.

“I have dipped out. I thought I was gay for three months,” K. Michelle said. “[But then] I realized what you men go through. The b—h jumped on my car.”

K. Michelle makes pass at Dej Loaf

(K. Michelle shows off her new haircut/Instagram)

Although the singer is in a relationship with her doctor boo Kastan Sims, the star apparently still dips into the lady pond from time-to-time. The reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday morning to ask fans if she should go back to sporting a short pixie cut.

“Hmmm. Should I do this again??” K. Michelle asked fans.

One person tried to be funny and shade the singer by calling her a “Wanna Be Dej Loaf 😂.”

Of course, K. Michelle clapped back at the provocateur, all while making a sexual advance toward “Try Me” singer Dej Loaf.

“I want to sleep with Dej Loaf not be her. She’s beautiful. Now Get off my page with negativity you expired rapper.”

Fans were shocked and in stitches by the mother of one’s response.

“Lol tell her bae 😩!”

“Yassss @kmichellemusic I’m here for it bae!”

“Lmfao get em 😂.”

“😂😂 she set the record so straight.”

“What in da lesbian did I just read 😩!

“Nowwww you gay 😩!”

“I’m screaming 😂 well @dejloaf you going for the win or not sis?”

During the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” episode

that aired on Monday night, K. Michelle also made a pass at Akbar Abdul-Ahad‘s wife Sade and said she wanted to sleep with her.

“I wanna sleep with the chocolate wife. … I will gladly lick her  p—sy because she is my type.”

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