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Deelishis Shoots Her Shot At Shannon Sharpe For the Second Time and Gets Called Thirsty

Sometimes persistence is key.

Deelishis seems to be using that approach in her attempts to get Shannon Sharpe’s attention. That’s because earlier this month, she expressed interest in the former NFL star and now she’s doing it again.

Deelishis Expressed Her Interest in Shannon Sharpe For the Second Time


On Sunday Sharpe posted a shirtless photo of himself wearing a Santa Claus hat and holding two packages from the organic food company Trifecta Foods. The photo is for a contest that involves Sharpe and the company.

But Deelishis wasn’t interested in joining the competition, she just liked the image and didn’t hold back in letting people know that.

“OMG,” she wrote in the comment section. “I almost passed all the way out. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.”

The first time Deelishis tried to get Sharpe’s attention, people slammed him for not responding. This time, however, folks said Deelishis is doing way too much and needs to relax a little.

At the same time, others told her to stay completely clear of Sharpe and they saw her as a possible hindrance to his success. Sharpe co-hosts the popular cable show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” and has amassed a huge following by making off-the-wall remarks and expressing his love for women, Black and Mild cigars and cognac.

“Leave the good brother alone,” someone told Deelishis. “F— up somebody else life with the funbags.”

“If he hasn’t made arrangements to meet you by now you should stop,” another person wrote.

Sharpe hasn’t’ responded to Deelishis yet and seemingly still has his eyes on Nicole Murphy, who he expressed huge interest in a while back.

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