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Deelishis Shoots Her Shot at Shannon Sharpe and IG Explodes: ‘We Got Married Last Night’

Deelishis from “Flavor of Love” just expressed her deep fondness for sports commentator Shannon Sharpe in a comedic Instagram post.

But although her message was peppered with funny hashtags, her intent seemed serious: And that was to let Sharpe know that she truly wants him.

Deelishis Shot Her Shot At Shannon Sharpe


“True story. Okay, not so true story but I know y’all keep asking why bae smiling so hard at work today,” she wrote next to a photo of herself and Sharpe. “It’s cause we got married last night in a private ceremony. So private I honestly don’t think he even remembers. Can y’all go remind bae him is married. #EyesMarriedNow,#HeAndSheAreMeantToBe#AndHeDontEvenKnowYet, #FantasyFriday, YAY MEEEEE, #LondonSharpe,#SheFunnyFriday, FICTION, #FUN#, AintNoProblemAintNoProblem.”

Sharpe hasn’t responded to Deelishis yet, and his followers went on his page to ask why.

Perhaps the silence has to do with the former NFL star being accustomed to the role of pursuer since he created a big fuss over meeting his ultimate crush Nicole Murphy on his show “Undisputed.”

He eventually met the 50-year-old beauty, and the two took a photo together. But whatever the reason for Sharpe’s silence, he was definitely teased about it.

“Man it’s a sad day,” one person wrote. “I never thought I’d see the day Unc @shannonsharpe84 would get quiet … You know the game, sir. You’ve been chose.”

But others wanted Sharpe to reply so he and Deelishis could really get married and live happily ever after together.

“So @shannonsharpe84, @iamsodeelishis shootin’ that thang from the baseline full court,” someone wrote. “She talkin’ ’bout it’s a joke … Every joke holds some truth so go ahead and lock this down so I can sing at the wedding and reception. We ain’t got all damn day.”

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