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Keyshia Cole Seeks Advice on Hair Color, Fans Say the Blue is You

R&B star Keyshia Cole recently asked for fans’ help on deciding which hair color she should sport next for her upcoming performances.

The 36-year-old mother always switches up her hairstyles for different occasions. Last year during her 2017 Soul Train Awards performance, she rocked long, sleek, jet-black hair. At her Jacksonville, Mississippi, concert, she sported her hair in waist-length blond box braids. Cole’s signature hairstyle consists of a platinum blond pixie cut, but the star frequently changes her hairdos.

Cole took to Instagram a few days ago and posted a throwback photo of herself donning ombre blue loose-flowing tresses to match her “Fashion Nova” fit. She then proceeded to ask fans which color hair they’d like to see her wear next at future performances.

Keyshia Cole

(photo credit: Keyshia’s Instagram)

“Should I go back to the blue? Or should I do auburn for my upcoming shows? 🤔” Cole wrote.

Fans were semi-indecisive in their hair-color suggestions and told the singer she could rock any “hairstyle and still look bomb af!”

“Either way you look nice😍😍 but why not try something new.”

“Really doesn’t matter… your good across the board…🔥.”

“I have yet to see anything you couldn’t ❤️ROCK!”

“No @keyshiacole its dark hair time🍂🍁 take it back to the spiced cognac where it all started😁 that auburn hair an a new album takes me back.”

“It really like the blue on you .. but it all depends on what you’re wearing too!”

“Sis you can rock any style and still look bomb af 😍.”

“That Blue is Beautiful! And I’m not really a fan of the bold colourful hair, but this suits you perfectly 💙.”

“Girl that blue is beautiful on u!! U can pull off any color really, but im feelin the blue 💖.”

Cole recently performed in Mississippi as a feature on R. Kelly‘s “Double Up” tour, but the star expressed that several things went wrong during the concert, like her mic going in and out. However, fans said despite the star experiencing some technical difficulties onstage, she still managed to give a stellar performance.

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