‘Definition of a Queen:’ Keyshia Cole Gives Fans a Rousing Performance Despite Technical Difficulties

Singer Keyshia Cole managed to give fans an amazing performance at a recent concert in spite of equipment issues.

Cole is featured on R. Kelly“‘s Double Up” concert and the two performed in Jackson, Mississippi on Sunday night. However, things didn’t go quite as planned according to fans and the “Let It Go” artist experienced a few technical difficulties throughout the night.

A few fans verified that the lighting was different during Cole’s performance and the singer suggested that she had problems with the microphone and audio. WJMI‘s “99 Jams” on-air personality Christiana, who claimed to be the host of the event also confirmed via social media that the singer did encounter several backstage issues. To add more fuel to the fire, the technical issues caused a performance delay that kept the crowd waiting.

Nevertheless, Cole said she found a way to turn a bad situation into a positive one. She took to Instagram on Tuesday and wrote, “Last night there were a lot of things that took place, that could’ve prevented me from going on stage, then when I gets on the stage, FINALLY, the crowd couldn’t even hear me for the first song…🤦🏽‍♀️.”

She added, “But I knew what to do!!!! THIS WAS THE REMEDY!!! They were singing louder than me😍I had to FLIP THE BAD ENERGY,😊 into, GREAT, God loving, Love sanging energy.”

Cole’s fans said in the face of stage deficiencies, “KC” still had the crowd rocking and delivered nothing short of a good performance.

“U did a awesome job 👏!! Well worth the wait!”

“Enjoyed you❤️! Example of turning that negative into a positive, u were great!”

“You did a beautiful job 👏👏👏 I was there.I know it was kinda rough at first but you did great and you have a beautiful God given voice it was worth the wait 🙌.”

“Thanks 4 putting on such a great show i had a great time and i love how you didnt let that bad energy get to you … i love your personality and i def will be coming to more of your shows ❤️.”

“Keyshia…THANK YOU for coming to Jackson Mississippi on Sunday! Although they had u in the dark u still pushed through 👍💯💚.”

“And you did just that. Wasn’t your fault, stilll you made it happen, definition of a Queen. We love you.”

Christiana added, “As the host for the night it was definitely a challenge BUT we made it happen! And you still made the best out of a crazy situation and shut the stage down Keyshia! So kudos to you hun! 💞😘.”


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