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Porsha Williams Verbally Drop Kicks Wendy Williams After Host Disses RHOA Star Sharing Beau’s Toothbrush

Like many viewers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday night, Wendy Williams was grossed out by Porsha Williams sharing her man’s toothbrush. But the talk show host wound up getting slapped with a huge dose of shade when she discussed the matter.

On the Nov. 11 episode, Porsha went on a getaway to Miami to celebrate her birthday with then-boyfriend Dennis McKinley. When she forgot her toothbrush, she demanded to use his rather than the one he ordered for her from the hotel.

“I use it every day,” she reasoned. “Why you doing me like this?”

“First of all, I don’t scrub after anyone,” Wendy says in response on the Tuesday, Nov. 13 edition of her talk show. “But this has happened to me. I was reminded … but when it happens, I’m on first, you go second and then … once we go out, first stop is Walgreens for some toothbrushes.

“I can’t brush after him or the boy,” Wendy adds of using her husband’s and son’s toothbrushes. “I won’t eat cereal after them. Too much drippy. I don’t want soup after them if they lean over my bowl … no.”

The host also said Porsha’s “high-maintenance” actions are “disgusting” and McKinley will “play you.”

“Porsha, poor thing,” Wendy concluded.

But while Porsha took criticism from fans in stride, she did not do the same when it came to Wendy. She slid into the comments section of an RHOA fan Instagram page and wrote, “If you’re sharing your man a toothbrush is the least of your worries Idc idc idc @wendyshow 💋 🤸🏾‍♀️”

Porsha Williams

The snide comment references rampant rumors of Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter having a mistress as well as his cheating, which Wendy has previously addressed.

Fans who caught it applauded Porsha’s clapback.

“So Wendy sharing a husband publicly but porsha getting played 😂 funny.”

“@porsha4real yes porsha, give her an entire tree 🌳,not just the shade 👏🏾👏🏾”

“@porsha4real 💯🤣🙌”

“@porsha4real yaaaasss porsha , this is why you are the best 😂”

“@porsha4real go on dish nation and check this thang!!!!! 👊👊she such a hater. Enjoy your man huntey.”


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