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Fans Are Sick of Marlo Hampton After She Usurps Porsha Williams’ Room on ‘RHOA’ Miami Trip

Viewers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are fed up with Marlo Hampton.

The longtime friend of the show showed out Sunday night when she accompanied the cast on a trip to Miami to support Nene Leakes‘ comedy show and new store opening. And she made it clear she wasn’t satisfied with her room assignment.

Marlo Hampton

(Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

The trip, which aired Nov. 11, was organized by Porsha Williams to lift Leakes’ spirits as she navigates her husband Gregg Leakescolon cancer battle. As such, Williams set up Eva MarcilleCynthia BaileyKandi Burruss and Hampton in rooms at the Betsy hotel, leaving the penthouse suite for herself.

But the stylist wasn’t satisfied with her room and took it upon herself to set up shop in Williams’ room and even told the bellhop that Williams’ luggage should be sent to Hampton’s original, smaller room.

The over-the-top antics were enough to warrant lots of complaints from fans.

“#RHOA oh hell no! Marlo trying to take Porsha’s room is bananas to me. No boo boo, your rich old man didnt get the room, so go kick rocks! I wish a trick would. Smfh.”

“I’m done with these females inviting Marlo’s ungrateful ass on these trips like Porsha’s bday and her man put the trip together SHE gets the big room hoe ooooooooo they making me mad and it’s only the second episode lmao.”

“Marlo put all her stuff in Porsha’s room that’s disrespectful #RHOA.”

“Is it only me or is Marlo Hampton insanely rude!🤮 #RHOATL like how you take someone’s room like that, I was throwing your s— in that elevator.”

“Question? Does anyone but me think Marlo Hampton is rude af ? She is So ungrateful and rude to Porsha who was kind enough 2 invite her ugly ass to Miami 2 support Nene . It’s NOT about YOU Maggott Marlo it’s about Nene n Gregg .. go away.”

However, Williams took the high road with her former foe. She slipped into the penthouse room and donned Hampton’s Versace jumpsuit, effectively giving Hampton a taste of her own medicine.


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