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Quad Webb-Lunceford Hits Back at Mariah Huq Disses After Explosive Confrontation in Antigua

Tension has been rising on “Married to Medicine” this season thanks to Quad Webb-Lunceford refusing to give the nitty-gritty details about her divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford to her cast members.

Tempers grew so flared during Sunday night’s episode that Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq began arguing. Things came to a head on the Nov. 4 showing when Huq broke a wine glass and held the base in her hand as she glared in Kimes’ direction. Luckily, Huq couldn’t go after Kimes thanks to Webb-Lunceford calming her down and taking the glass from her hand.

A fan who watched the two square off chimed in dissing Huq and siding with Miss Quad.

“@iluvmariah done called @AbsolutelyQuad Ghetto, said she was from the gutter and then some but she one breaking glasses trying to threaten someone #Married2Med #Married2Medicine,” tweeted user @MrDastardly.

Webb-Lunceford seemed to appreciate the support and shared her own idea as to why Huq has it out for her.

“She’s obsessed with projecting and lying on me. Such a disturbed soul. I’m 🙏🏽 4 her,” she said.

quad webb-lunceford

@MrDastardly’s tweet referenced a diss Huq made toward Webb-Lunceford several seasons ago, which the “Sister Circle” host spoke to on her Bravo blog in 2014.

“In last week’s episode, she called me a rat and this week’s episode she calls me a ‘f—ing roach’ that she should have left me where she found me — insinuating she found me in the slums, gutter, or ghetto,” “Webb-Lunceford wrote at the time. “When I met her I was perusing a higher education on the colligate path, so I’m not sure how she got that confused.”

Meanwhile, fans have tweeted in response to Webb-Lunceford, backing her up every step of the way.

“Hang in there @AbsolutelyQuad. You know your truth. Keep praying for them.”

“I feel Messy Mariah is jealous of your popularity and she is trying to get you off the show so she thinks that will put her in top. No way, and she dislikes that Dr. Heavenly had her number and is not willing to bend to her.”

“Don’t let her control your heart and mind…follow your leadership skills.”

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