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Mariah Huq Addresses Breaking Wine Glass and Apparently Gearing Up to ‘Shank’ Dr. Heavenly: ‘Everybody Has a Breaking Point’

Things got pretty heated between Mariah Huq and Dr. Heavenly Kimes on Sunday night’s episode of “Married to Medicine” and Huq later explained her side of things during a Facebook Live stream.

The tense moment aired Nov. 4 when Huq and Kimes butted heads over Quad Webb-Lunceford sharing details of her divorce. The star has been caught up in a nasty split from her husband, Dr. Greg Lunceford, and several of her castmates have taken issue with how she refuses to divulge about her marital issues.

During a group getaway to Antigua, Miss Quad remains firm in her stance as she gets backed up by Dr. Heavenly. But Huq took the DDS’s defense of Quad’s feelings as a dig and things quickly went south. Huq broke a wine glass and cupped it in her hand and gave Dr. Heavenly the death stare before getting quelled by Quad.

“Nobody can defend Quad against me!” Huq finally shouts. “I known her more than anybody at this table! So Heavenly, to me, looked like a f—ing fool.”

Things escalated into a near fight and fans locked into Huq breaking the glass. Quad said during her confessional that “this ain’t the Shawshank Redemption,  she going to shank Heavenly?’ Huq addressed the episode on Facebook.

“We was on vacation on the beach, hanging out and I don’t really know … how I broke the wine glass … but what I do know is once it was broke, we was all barefoot … and then she started talking crazy,”  she says around the 10:40 mark. “I hadn’t said but two sentences the whole night and the two sentences you saw were the two sentences I said.”

She added that Heavenly said “so many things” about her mom that meant she “should have been cut up,” but they were edited out of the show.

“I’m not violent, I’m not like that … everybody has a breaking point,” Huq says. “For real, for real … The one thing I realized, though, is as much as … they have talked about my mom, it’s not about Heavenly anymore … but as one of the very few young, African-American, female creative executive producers at Bravo, it makes me feel some kind of way. Yeah, it does. Because at the end of the day, if we don’t value anything else, we value our mothers.”

In response, fans shared their own thoughts on the matter.

“Dr. Huq is about that LIFE! YASSSSSSS.”

“But girlllllllllll, when I saw you trip that glass….I had a flashback!!!!”

“I take it you two will not be friends?”

“Families should be off-limits they saw point-blank…that part.”

“Y’all too old to be acting like that!! Grow the $&@k up!!!!!”

Posted by Mariah HuQ on Sunday, November 4, 2018

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