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T.I. to Face Jury Trial for Public Drunkenness and Disorderly Conduct

T.I. had a simple assault charge dropped in his case that stems from an argument he had with a security guard. But the other two charges of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct still remain.

As we previously reported, Tip got into it with the guard Euwan James, after James refused to let him into his private community. The rapper was eventually given access but later returned to ask for a supervisor. From there, a heated argument began, and the Grand Hustle boss was heard yelling in an audio recording. 

T.I. Had One of the Charges Against Him Dropped in Security Guard Case


James called the police after that, so T.I. was arrested and slapped with the misdemeanor charges. Then later on, footage surfaced of one of the officers insulting T.I. when he spoke with guard and his supervisor.

“He think his sh– don’t stink,” the officer said, which the others in the room nodded in agreement with. “He wants everyone to bow down to his butt.”

Prosecutors said that Tip was charged because James thought he was being coaxed into a fight and feared injury. Especially when Tip said “Nobody will get you out of this” and “You have to look me in the eyes as a man.”

But the rapper stated he was just trying to get a supervisor’s name, which his attorney Steve Sadow backed up. In fact, Sadow said all of the charges are “baseless, ill-founded and unjustified.” Plus, he said that James was fired for the way he handled the incident.

At this time, a judge is still deciding whether to throw the disorderly conduct charge out or not.

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