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T.I.’s Arresting Officer Caught On Camera Dissing Him: ‘He Wants Everyone to Bow Down’

T.I. thinks he’s better than everyone.

That’s pretty much what a police officer from Henry County, Ga. said. It was right after T.I. had a run in with a security guard from his gated community back in May. The rapper forgot his key at the time and at first, the guard wouldn’t let him in.

Police Officer Caught Insulting T.I.


Tip was eventually arrested, and the officer spoke to the security guard, as well as his supervisor about what occurred. TMZ recently obtained some of that footage and posted it.

“Does he live here?” asked the officer.

“That’s T.I., the rapper,” said the supervisor.

“He think his sh– don’t stink. He wants everyone to bow down to his butt,” the officer replied, and the supervisor and guard agreed with him.

“He (the guard) thought he should’ve known who he was, is probably what set him off,”  the supervisor added.

Back in July, T.I. was hit with three misdemeanor charges for arguing with the guard, including simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

According to the guard, he let T.I. in, but only after the rapper yelled and cursed at him.

Tip later returned to confront him and asked why he wasn’t given access. He also wanted the guard’s name, and that’s when police were called. But later Tip said he merely wanted to report the guy to his supervisor for the way he handled the situation.

A little after the arrest, there was footage that showed T.I. questioning the officer who took him in.

“Why was I arrested?” he asked.

“Acting like a fool,” the officer replied.

He also said T.I. shouldn’t have come back after he was let in. But Tip argued that since he forked over a lot of money for the home and pays taxes, he has every right to question the person who works in his neighborhood.  

At this time, Tip is still facing the misdemeanor charges, and the guard was fired for the incident. Reportedly, he was rude to the rapper’s wife Tiny after she called and asked to let Tip in.

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