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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Mariah Huq Rips Dr. Heavenly’s Husband After He Tried to Fight Her Husband: ‘Fight Your Big B**** for Being Ugly!’

Mariah Huq has weighed in on the explosive confrontation between her husand, Dr. Aydin Huq and Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ husband on Sunday’s “Married to Medicine” and she’s not standing for anyone bucking up on her man.

It all started when Mariah and Kimes appeared to get into a heated argument over Quad Webb-Lunceford’s refusal to share her divorce details with the group.

Dr. Heavenly backed up Miss Quad, but it seemed as if Mariah took that as a diss and things immediately went left. The DDS even broke a wine glass in apparent preparation to shank Dr. Heavenly but she was quieted down by Miss Quad.

Apparently, the Antigua dinner served as a breeding ground to throw some bows, a source told All About the Tea on Nov. 6.

“Heavenly was drunk and used Mariah asking Quad a simple question to try and fight Mariah. She has been wanting to fight Mariah since Mariah outed Damon’s cheating,” blabbed the insider.

Still, Mariah insisted on her Facebook Live stream that the fight wasn’t about Webb-Lunceford.

After she and Kimes got into it, Damon Kimes seemed prepared to go toe-to-toe with Dr. Huq once Mariah demanded him to “get your b—-.”

“He wanna jump up and fight Ayden. You ain’t finna mess with my boo, now,” Mariah says during the Sunday, Nov. 4 stream around the 9:40 mark. “Now, that’s what we not gon’ do. We not gon’ put Dr. Huq in it. ‘Cause Adyin ain’t do nothin’, he ain’t bother nobody. You ain’t gon’ pick on my man ’cause he’s the minority in the group … Fight your big b—- for being ugly! Fight Shrek, if you wanna fight somebody!”

Fans who watched Huq’s transparent stream sounded off in the comments.

“Damon should have checked his wife!”

“Honestly everybody thinks that it’s okay to mess with y’all but when y’all clap back it’s a problem.”

“Not shriek 🤣🤣”

Posted by Mariah HuQ on Sunday, November 4, 2018

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