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‘What’s Your Secret?’ Fans Beg Rasheeda Frost for Hair Tips While Others Want Her to Stop Wearing Wigs

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost shared a video of her natural tresses freshly blown out and folks were in dire need of the “Boss Chick’s” hair deets.

The 36-year-old often shares photos and videos of her natural hair after taking a break from wigs every now and then. She’s revealed to fans that she’s in the process of trying to achieve waist length hair and is close to her goal. The star also let fans know in her Instagram Live video on Tuesday that she keeps her hair braided underneath wigs as a protective style. She wrote, “Fresh blowout! Wig time!”

Rasheeda Frost

(photo credit: Rasheeda’s Instagram)

Frost took to Instagram on Monday to show fans the length of her hair when its straightened in a blow out. She wrote in a IG post, “So right now my hair is below my bra strap my goal is waist length give me about 12 months I’ll be there! Till then bout to braid it up back to my wigs!”

Several of the “Pressed” owner’s fans cadged her for hair tips on achieving healthy hair growth.

“Give us some tips, mine is right at my bra strap. But it’s curly so it appears to be shoulder length. I’m trying to grow it longer like yours 🙄.”

“I want to know your products and treatments and what you do for your hair because it is beautiful and my hair is really long already but I want it long like your hair.”

“What do you use in your hair to promote growth? 😍 I love ittttt.”

Other folks in the star’s comment section told Frost there was no need for her to continue wearing wigs due to her hair length and encouraged her to ditch them.”

“Why use wigs when you have gorgeous hair like that 🙄.”

“Idk y u showing off ur hair if u still going to wear wigs 😂.”

“Ur hair wont breath wearing wigs girl get rid of em.”

Checkout Frost’s natural hair blown out:

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