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Joseline Hernandez Posts a Series of Photos That Make Fans Fall In Love with Her All Over Again

Josefine Hernandez completely blew folks away with a collection of photos she shared after shooting a music video for her new single “Finger F**k a Check.”

Hernandez is back on her music grind and shared a snippet of her new song with fans a few weeks ago. She took fans behind the scenes of her latest video and showcased her second wardrobe look where she’s dressed as a drippy goddess. She sported a diamond-studded Egyptian like headdress with a navy blue smokey eye and dark red lip. The “Puerto Rican Princess” also sported a diamond bikini top to match her head-piece and a paired it with a pair of denim jeans that hugged her curvaceous figure.

The 32-year-old uploaded several photos of her chi-chi fashion look and straight up flossed for Instagram. She wrote, “Bi**h raw” and added, “Mug Shot 💦💦💦. .. Puerto Rican princess 👸🏽.”

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Instagram)

Fans gushed over Hernandez’s chain of pictures and fell head over heels for her all over again.

“I love everything about you f the negative comments 💜.”

“I just love your face 😍 so pretty with and without makeup 😘.”

“Sis look bomb 😍🤤 Sexy as hell!!”

“Your so FUCKING GORGEOUS…!!👑 The baddest boooooosh 🇵🇷 🔥.”

“I’m in love all over again.”

“The baddest till the end My wifey 💕.”

“So beautiful. Love the head dress… yaasss.”

“Idgaf what nobody say I💖Joseline!!!

“All Natural plus Core Workouts. That’s what the f I’m talking bout @joseline 💯.”

Hernadez recently celebrated her 32 birthday on November 3 and wrote, “Is my G-DAY BISHHHHHHH.” She also thanked all of her fans on Twitter for the thousands of birthday wishes and donations she received.

“To all my IG friends and family!Thank you for the nice donations for a G-Day,” she wrote. “You Guys are amazing! A girl can buy a thing or 2!”

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