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Joseline Hernandez Gets Roasted After Asking for B-Day Donations, ‘Is She Broke?”

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez recently celebrated her birthday and the gift she requested from fans was to donate dinero to her cash app.

Hernandez turned 32-years-old on November 3 and spent a bit of her birthday flossing for the Gram. The “Puerto Rican Princess” wrote, “Is my G-DAY BISHHHHHHH” as she posted several selfies dolled up in all white drippy attire. She sported a customized birthday suit with thigh-high boots created by fashion designer Shane Justin of the “Shane Justin Collection.”

Hernandez was on her “icy vibe” and seemingly spent her birthday enjoying a glass of champagne while chilling at her Miami, Florida home. The reality star also posted a photo of her cash app with the caption, “Is a real nigga birthday drop a Dolla!”

Joseline Hernandez


However, fans were completely thrown off by the 32-year-old’s birthday request for donations and slammed Hernandez for seemingly “begging” her supporters.

“Why do u need money…tf.. U have enough money to save homeless people..but u asking for it? U lookin thirsty af 🙄.”

“Is this what we doing now begging for money?”

“Bitch just go back to the strip pole if you ain’t got money 💵.”

“Wtf is this, is she broke? I’m confused why the hell she need donations she live way better than most of us.”

“@joseline i can’t believe you ppl with money ask everyday working ppl for money!!! That shit is disturbing.”

“Bitch … you are out here making more money in a week than we are gonna bring home in taxes and you wanna say drop a dolla smh ? 😒.”

However, Hernandez isn’t paying much attention to the naysayers nowadays and recently dropped a new single titled, “Finger F**k a Check.” The starlet her fans now that the “Puerto Rican Princess” is back and plans on returning back to reality television with her own show.

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