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Wendy Williams Calls Porsha Williams ‘Stupid’ for Taking Fiancé to the Same Jeweler as Ex-Husband

Porsha Williams was as giddy as a school girl about the prospect of getting a ring from her man on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” premiere Sunday night but Wendy Williams isn’t too keen on where the reality star went to obtain it.

On the Nov. 4 episode, Porsha was eager to visit Bronw & Co. Jewelers to view some high-priced rings she hoped her then-boyfriend and current fiancé Dennis McKinley would slip on her finger. It was the same store she got her ring from when she wed former NFL player Kordell Stewart, whom she divorced in 2013.

“They’re a great jeweler. Why am I gonna drop them because I dropped the guy? Different man, different ring, right” Porsha reasoned during a confessional scene.

But Wendy doesn’t buy that reasoning.

“This guy’s not gonna marry Porsha,” Wiliams says. “Porsha’s more focused on the ring, the man and the image of it all than on a relationship. They’ve only been together for five months … She was like a kindergartener almost … It takes more than a ring to keep a marriage together.

“And if I were him, I’d be looking at her sideways that she even allowed me to go into a store where her ex man bought her a ring,” she adds. “Like, of all the jewelry stores in Atlanta and this is how stupid you are? Bringing me in here? If I were him, I would take the ring back and then start all over again going into another store. I would have a problem with that.”

Fans, meanwhile, were not here for Wendy’s diss of the star.

“Wendy Is Awful Talking Abt Porsha Like That… S— I’d Marry Porsha She Crazy As Hell Speaking That Into The Universe. She’s A Natural Born Hatter.”

“Listen porsha is grown and at that age ain’t nobody got time for fooling around. if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it. Stop hating Wendy.”

“Look at the audience reaction. They know Wendy is an insecure hater. Porsha is blissfully happy and Mufasa can’t stand it. She should be more focused on her hubby who is smashing multiple women like he has been mandated to repopulate the planet. Discuss that in your hot topics bruh.”

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