Porsha Who? RHOA Star Finalizes Divorce, Restores Maiden Name


Porsha Stewart to restore maiden name Porsha Stewart Williams is officially divorced from Kordell Stewart and although the reality television star claimed she would keep Kordell’s last name, it seems as if she’s suddenly had a change of heart.

Porsha and Kordell are now officially divorced which means all the shade-throwing, name-calling and mudslinging madness can finally come to a halt  -or at least it should.

For now, Porsha wants her fans to know that she’s extremely happy being a single woman again.

She posted a picture on Twitter above the comment, “The future is exciting.”

The caption that went along with the photo let everyone know that she was indeed moving forward as a single woman.

“Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life,” the caption read, along with some lengthy hashtags.

While she is officially divorced, her name is technically still Porsha Stewart, but she’s already taking steps to change that, according to Kordell’s legal team.

It was only a few weeks ago that Kordell’s ex-wife said she was keeping his last name to represent the new woman she became after getting married, but after moving back in with her mom, who spoiled her like a 5-year-old only child, she’s ready to be a Williams again.

“Porsha previously stated she was keeping Kordell’s last name, which made Kordell very concerned about the damage it could cause,” Kordell’s attorney Shiel Edlin said. “However, she reconsidered and decided to restore her maiden name, Williams.”

It wasn’t long before the shade-throwing began once again and Kordell’s legal team suggested that Porsha was ruining his name and brand.

“Kordell now believes he can restore the Stewart name and brand for which it has been known through many generations, one of character, integrity, honesty and truthfulness,” Edlin said.

As for on social media, she’s already gotten rid of Kordell’s last name.

She recently changed her name on Instagram from @PorshaDStewart to @Porsha4Real.

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