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Quad Webb-Lunceford’s Explanation About Feeling Unsupported by Castmates About Divorce Gets Mixed Reactions 

Quad Webb-Lunceford let it be known during a recent interview that the ladies of “Married to Medicine” didn’t support her the way she needed them to during her divorce.

Acknowledging on “The Real” Thursday that she initially withdrew from the group, Webb-Lunceford said that when she did come around things with her castmates, including Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Jackie Walters, felt tense.

“It was like a planned ambush. I came to the table, I greeted everyone, and the body language was off. It was like, ‘What you doing here and why you even here’ … So I just felt it was a situation of ‘Let’s see if we can push her buttons and bring her out of character.’ And I refuse to allow that to happen.”

Married To Medicine’

Walters disagreed and explained she wanted to get the information about Miss Quad’s nasty split from Greg Lunceford directly from her friend.

Bush-Harris explained that even when the ladies asked Webb-Lunceford a direct question, she would give “a response with a question.” Webb-Lunceford denied that.

“You were asking me questions, I was trying to answer them, and then you were spewing another question out at me without me being able to speak,” she responds, before turning her attention to Walters. Walters had gone through a similar situation with her husband, whose cheating scandal came out on the blogs. Meanwhile, Lunceford’s cheating emerged when he explained about it in New York, according to his wife.

Walters said she only addressed her husband’s infidelity in the open because it went public.

“In my case, it was the same situation,” Quad says. “Instead of it being on a blog, my husband verbally said that. … If you know that I’m going through something, then why is it when you see me again why not offer a conducive environment where I feel safe to open up and talk to you?”

Viewers who caught the interview weighed in.

“😬👀🙃 My face the whole time.”

“I agree with quad everyone is different. just bc Jackie was willing to share what she was going through last season doesn’t mean quad has to be. And y’all being shady and having an attitude as soon as she sat down, what makes y’all think she would want to share anything with y’all in an environment like that???”

“Victim quad now it’s the friend circles fault and come to think about it the circle Syleena Johnson asked so Quad what are you going to do about it stfu quad.”

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