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Fans Give Words of Encouragement to Teairra Mari As She Prepares to Finally Move on from Akbar

The ongoing quarrels between Teairra Mari and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad has been suspenseful for “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood“, but the singer seems ready to depart from the green-eyed bandit for good.

Things came to a head this season when Mari’s sex tape with her ex-boyfriend was leaked all over the Internet in May. She accused Abdul-Ahad of purposely posting the intimate recording publicly and filed a lawsuit against him for revenge porn.

Teairra Mari talks about sex tape during interview

(Teairra M. Instagram)

Things really took a turn for the worst after the “Stay In Ya Lane” singer found out that Akbar was married with a second girlfriend. However, Abdul-Ahad’s marriage and mistress still didn’t stop Mari from being sexually intimate with him, she claimed that it was hard to stop dealing with someone who she once loved.

Well, it seems like the 30-year-old is finally ready to move on from her ex-boyfriend and said she’s preparing for her comeback.

“These mfs are not to be trusted,” said Mari during a radio interview on “LHHH”. She said she plans on turning over a new leaf with music. “Singles, videos just proving the point that you can rise above something like this. … This was just like a hurdle and sometimes love just clouds your whole judgment.”

VH1 viewers and fans offered Mari a few words of advice and said they’re rooting for her to win.

“It’s so many ways I see this as women. She has a heart she loved this man I get that. It’s hard to let go,” one fan wrote. Love is blind for a lot of women and is dealt with different. So I’m not totally against her at all.”

“Tieraa is a beautiful woman just wait on God for the right one everything else is counterfeit,” another added.

One fan commented,” Leave TT alone ya’ll done been where she at I wanna see her win. She’s human. She needs to become strong for herself.”

Mari seems to be back on the road of self-love and wrote on Thursday, “Self love and confidence is the main ingredients to living your #bestlife.”

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