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’50 Coming for His Coins’: Fans Troll Teairra Mari About Owing 50 Cent After Spotting Her In a Video Singing at a Paid Gig

Fans have issued a warning to Teairra Mari about the thousands of dollars she owes rapper 50 Cent following the “Love and Hip Hop” star’s epic return to the big stage. 

A video of the 35-year-old recently performing at the I Love RnB Music Festival in Long Beach, California, on Saturday, May 27, has now circulated online. The singer took center stage to sing a few of her most memorable hits, such as “Sponsor” and “I Deserve.” 

Mari looked stunning as she rocked a metallic bodysuit, smoky eye makeup, and a slicked bun pulled into an updo. She shared a few images on her Instagram page with the caption “‘Act Bad’ Then!”

Fans bring up Teairra Mari’s debt to 50 Cent after the singer performs on stage. (Photo: @misstmari/Instagram)

A glimpse of the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum’s performance was shared on TikTok, showing a sea of fans cheering from the crowd.

Her performance was also shared on Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram page, and several in the comment section applauded Mari for getting back to her music roots.

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However, a few implied that Mari was only onstage to earn some cash so she’ll finally be able to pay the music mogul his desired coins. 

“Until she pays Bro that $50k for defamation she ain’t making no comeback.”

“50 Cent rubbing his hands like Birdman.” 

“Gotta figure out how to pay 50 some way or another”

“Love it but I would’ve stayed off radar because 50 coming for his coins.” 

Nearly five years ago, the R&B artist fell victim to another of Fif’s online trolling shenanigans after an explicit tape of the singer was leaked on her Instagram account. 

The “Lottery Ticket” actress accused her then-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, of allegedly leaking the scandalous video, but took 50 Cent to court for reposting it on his Instagram feed.

Mari claimed that he and Abdul-Ahad were plotting against her in an attempt to “sexually objectify, threaten, intimidate, humiliate, and degrade” her. 

Fortunately for the “In da Club” rapper, in 2019 the judge agreed with his statement claiming that he only reposted what was already plastered throughout social media. Unfortunately for Mari, she was ordered to pay Fif $30,000 to cover his legal fees.

However, she has since incurred fees because of her failure to make the ordered payment to the “Power Book II: Ghost” creator. 

In an August 2022 interview with “The Breakfast Club,” 50 Cent told the hosts Mari’s new price was standing over $50,000

“It keeps going up because she keeps delaying and moving around,” he explained.

For the past few years, 50 has targeted Mari endlessly via social media posts and interviews demanding she pay him. Hopefully, the coins she collected from her performance will help settle her debt.

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