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Teairra Mari Slammed For Fake Story Line After Ex-Boyfriend’s Marriage Comes to Light

During Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood“, Teairra Mari‘s new boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad gets exposed for cheating and the singer has no clue.

Mari’s friends Paris Phillips and Nikki Baby got a bad vibe from their first encounter with Ahad and decided to probe into his personal life.

Phillips and Nikki discovered that Abdul-Ahad was married to a woman named Sade who claimed the man was her “husband.” Mari’s friends met up with Sade during a secret meeting and confronted her about Mari’s and Abdul-Ahad’s relationship. The woman said she already knew about her husband’s relationship with Mari and said their “arrangement” was none of her business.

Teairra Mari

R; (Teairra’s Instagram)/ L; (Akbar’s Instagram)

The ladies broke the heartbreaking news to Mari and told her about their findings. Nevertheless, the “Stay In Ya Lane” singer said she was completely aware of Sade and claimed the woman was his ex-wife.

However, Brooke Valentine told Phillips that Abdul-Ahad was also dealing with another woman named Alejandra and the two owned a gym together. Phillips and Nikki dropped by the gym and confronted the fitness trainer. Alejandra was completely aware of Abdul-Ahad’s wife Sade and Mari. The situation became overwhelming for Mari’s friends and they quickly left the building.

Fans were stunned by Phillips and Nikki’s revelations and lit Twitter on fire.

“She knew he was married,” said one fan.

“What’s wrong with these different ladies defending that Akbar dude,” one viewer wrote.

“They nasty, he ain’t all that anyway wtf I wish I would be in a situation like this ain’t no way,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another fan added, “I feel like she had her suspicions but just said f it for the story line cause she’s giving herself Nicki Paris and akbar a storyline with this bs.”

Mari accused Abdul-Ahad of leaking a sex tape of her on Instagram in May and pursued legal action against him. Mari’s ex-boyfriend denied the allegations and said she was the person who leaked the video. The singer’s case is currently pending.

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