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Masika Kalysha Posts about Her Hair, Fans Lash Out about Her Body: ‘Something is Strange About Her Body’

Masika Kalysha is once again being body shamed by naysayers who criticized her appearance in a recent photo.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star turned to her fans on Tuesday for a few pointers on how to deal with curly hair. She shared a photo of herself rocking a messy high-top bun while sporting a two-piece cropped “Fashion Nova” lounge set at what appeared to be a car dealership.

The 33-year-old wrote on Instagram, “I haven’t straightened my hair in 2 weeks and I have NO IDEA how to do my hair anymore 😩 where are my #curlygirls? Help me! 😩 I need tips!”

Masika Kalysha Body Shamed by fans

(photo credit: Masika’s Instagram”

Kalysha’s picture grabbed fans’ attention, but for the wrong reasons. Folks in the comments shifted their focus to the star’s curvaceous figure and criticized her stomach, waist and belly button for looking “strange.”

“Something is strange about her body🤔, specifically her waist. I wonder if that hurts.”

“That’s a high ass belly button.”

“Now y did u f**k up yo body like datt I use to think u was bad😢.”

“That belly need some holy water stomach on gross gross.”

“Idk why your belly button is up so high bro.”

“F**ing ugly ass figure 😄 figure that out first.”

“Her waist looks scary ur body don’t look right at all.”

One person wrote, “She looks awful. Lmao why her belly button so high.”

Kalysha constantly deals with body and slut shaming from online trolls, but the “petty queen” is never afraid to clap back. One fan attacked the star for revealing too much skin in a recent photo of hers and called Kalysha a bad role model for young girls.

Well, the “GUHH” actress wasn’t in the mood for any criticism and fired back, “Tf! Go fkn troll Kim K. Smfh if I was 200 pounds in bikini would you feel better? Or what if I was 100 pounds in spandex? Is that better for your daughter? Tell me what images I;m allowed to put out of my own damn self of the comfort of strangers who let social media raise there kids. GTFO my page I post WTF I want.”

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