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Masika Kalyasha Gets Dragged for Wearing Clothes that Are Too Small

Masika Kalysha thought she could show off her body by wearing a very snug outfit, but fans let her know that wasn’t such a good idea. On Tuesday, Masika shared a photo of her flaunting her curves in a tight gray sweatsuit. In her caption she wrote, “5’6” 160lbs but I bet my @fashionnova is a small 😝.”

Masika Kalysha

In the comments the fans were not feeling the uncomfortable-looking outfit.

“I’m 5’1 128 LBS and I can’t fit comfortably in a small in Fashionova so I’m confused on how you’re in a small my damn self. But if the make it fit by any means necessary sorcery works more power to you. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m still confused I need to know the tricks… I want to wera too! Lol, but Im considerate of those that really can fit in it so I don’t. You look good though so do you.”

“@masikakalysha im the same measurements but i wear large 😫😫😫😫😪”

“You probably need a medium tho sis”

“Moral of the story STOP TAKING TH WRONG SIZES bfs cant find no smalls because all the XL people got em”

“You might wanna try a medium no shade”

Fans can expect the “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star to clap back about their opinions on the fit of her clothes. On Sunday, Masika shared a photo of her half-naked body on Instagram. One fan wrote, “You are beautiful no doubt, but why is so many women showing so much of their body on social media? These kind of photo are what makes girls like my daughter who is 18, think this is what they shud look like. Pisses me off.”

Masika lashed out at the fan and responded, “Smfh if I was 200 pounds in bikini would you feel better? Or what if I was 100 pounds in spandex? Is that better for your daughter? Tell me what images I;m allowed to put out of my own damn self of the comfort of strangers who let social media raise there kids. GTFO my page I post WTF I want.”

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