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‘Where’s Bonnie?’ Joseline Hernandez Fans Blast Stevie J for Not Including Daughter in Family Photos

Music producer Stevie J. seems to be in hot water with fans who are accusing him of being an absent father in his youngest daughter’s life after posting multiple photos of his other children.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star shares a one-year-old daughter with his ex-fiance Joseline Hernandez who claims he hasn’t seen their child in months. She told Bossip in September that “Steebie” hadn’t seen little Bonnie Bella in five months and has also failed to pay child support.

“Everyone knows that my baby daddy denied my daughter,” said Hernandez. ” A person that denies a 99.9% bloodline, how dare you believe them!”

stevie j daughter


Stevie J.’s last few Instagram posts haven’t made the situation any better. He recently posted a photo of his 19-year-old daughter Savannah Jordan, a video of his eight-year-old daughter Eva Giselle that he shares with MiMi Faust and another video of his son Steven Jordan Jr. Fans blasted the “Good Guy” for posting all of his other children except little Bonnie Bella.

“Not one post of Bonnie Bella since married to faith you neglect your daughter a shame you that why I unfollow you poor child,” one person wrote.

“Forgot about bonnie bella yet?” another asked.

“What about Bonnie don’t see you posting her no more.”

“Where’s Bonnie?”

Stevie J. and Hernandez have been apart for two years now. The former couple welcomed their daughter into the world in December 2016, months after their relationship fell apart. They entered into a nasty custody battle which led to family court. Both parents were awarded physical custody of the one-year-old, but Hernandez was given primary custody. The music producers was also ordered to pay the “Puerto Rican Princess” $1,000 a month in child support.

Stevie has yet to address Hernandez’s “deadbeat” claims and has been living it up with his new wife Faith Evans.

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