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Stevie J. and Faith Evans May Be Married in the Eyes of the Law, but Not with Many Fans

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Stevie J. and his new wife singer Faith Evans are still being blasted by fans who don’t believe the two authentically love each other.

The two newlyweds have been selfie galore since announcing their sudden wedding in July. The couple has posted several videos together and photos of each other’s families, but fans still don’t believe their marriage is real.

Evans took to Instagram on Monday and shared a sweet photo hugged up with hubby. The “Never Gonna Let You Go” singer was all smiles with Stevie right by her side as they posed for a quick selfie in a restaurant. Evans captioned the picture, “#TheJordans ❤️.”

The photo of the former “Bad Boy Entertainment” artists drew a backlash from naysayers who called their marriage “fake” and suggested they’re only together for publicity.

One fan wrote, “I’m just still not buying this relationship yet… ya’ll be great tho.”

Another added, “Married by yet neither has rings on fake like Joseline and Stevie marriage. This marriage is a fake😂.”

“Ya’ll married! Stevie what you u up to? Faith U to old for Games, ye Ya’ll Wait for it.”

“Meanwhile you two are married, but neither one of you have on a wedding ring. yep sounds fake to me.”

One critic commented, “Y’all so fake happy 😃 Stevie is known for faking marriage just like he lied 🤥 for years about being married to Joseline, LOL 😂.”

Stevie and Evans reportedly tied the knot at their Las Vegas hotel room on July 18. The two filed for their marriage license in Clark County and reportedly were looking at yachts for their ceremony. They have been friends for more than 20 years and rekindled their relationship during the “Bad Boy Reunion Tour” in 2016. The “Hitman” producer isn’t shy about his feelings towards his wife. He wrote in an Instagram post, “20 years plus & God willing 20 years more” on a picture standing beside her.

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