Steve Harvey’s Fun Photo Turns Sour with Disappointing Comments About Him Looking ‘Sickly’

Comedian Steve Harvey posted a photo of him and NBA legend Magic Johnson on Instagram Saturday evening, but it quickly spiraled out of control after naysayers claimed the 61-year-old looked ill and rugged.

Harvey and his wife Marjorie attended the World Series in Los Angeles, California over the weekend to watch the Boston Red Sox and L.A. Dodgers battle it out. During his surprise visit to the Dodgers Stadium, he ran into Johnson, who purchased the L.A. baseball team in 2012.

The two superstars posed for a picture together and Harvey thanked his wife for surprising him with the tickets to see his favorite baseball team. He wrote, “Thank you @marjorie_harvey for tonight. @magicjohnson, we are rooting for the #dodgers!”

Steve Harvey visiting Magic Johnson

(photo credit: Instagram)

Johnson later tweeted, “Great to see my good friend Steve Harvey tonight. Thank you for the support!”

However, Harvey’s photo of him and Johnson were met with negative comments by fans who accused Steve of looking sickly.

“Steve Harvey are you all right you don’t look good.”

“Steve looks like the one Sick No Cap LMFAOOOOOOOO.”

“That beard makes him look old! Shave it off, look better without it! IJS.”

“Steve looking like mr scroog 🤦🏾‍♂️. ”

“Why is Steve looking so old?”

“U ok steve u don’t look good no disrespect.”

One troll even commented, “You better wash your hands @iamsteveharveytv.”

Thankfully, other folks jumped to Harvey’s defense and told people to “chill” with the nasty comments.

“U idiots act like there is something wrong with aging… wtf if wrong with our Culture?”

“Y’all chill.”

“I think they both look great, two OG’s of tha game- one in entertainment’ tha other brother into sports.”

One fan said, “Two legends in the same room.”

Steve recently launched a competition with “Weekly Blue Cheese” and will present an award to one his Instagram fans for Best Dressed” on Friday. He wrote, “The ‘Blue Cheese Award’ goes to somebody that I choose because I just like they style that week. I like the way they putting it down, I like the sharpness, the boldness, the crispness. The attitude. So every week from now on — on Fridays — I will release the ‘Blue Cheese Award.’ Hope you get one!”

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