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K. Michelle Gives Update on Twerking Visitor She Told to ‘GTFO’ Her Porch

K. Michelle recently gave fans an update on the disrespectful saleswoman who kept trying to peddle her unwanted goods on the singer’s porch.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” actress sent a “lil bo peep” on her way after she kept consistently ringing the star’s doorbell. Earlier in October, K. Michelle shared an Instagram video of the young girl creeping up to her porch and ringing the bell. When no one comes to the door, the teen starts twerking and gyrating in front of the surveillance camera.

Little did the saleswoman know, K. Michelle had the security camera hooked up to her phone and could see her every move. The singer yelled, “Get your a** off this mu**erfu**ing porch, b**ch,” before the teen sped off in a golf cart.

k. michelle

Singer K. Michelle performs in concert at The Tabernacle on February 25, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

K. Michelle has now given an update on the saleswoman after re-posting a video of talk show host Wendy Williams talking about the incident. The “Love ‘Em All” artist wrote, “Get off my porch! 😂All love to the little lady! Update: She hasn’t been back since!😂.”

Fans in the comment section were still in stitches over the incident and K. Michelle’s hilarious response.

“That was so epic 🤣🤣, and funny love those moments you can never get away from, but dont regret.”

“Mood this Halloween 🤣 ain’t no candy here!”

“My rolling at she hasn’t been back @kmichellemusic 😂.”

“That was THEE funniest thing ever. It’ll never not be funny lmao.”

“Oh she know. 😂 That’s why she not back.”

“Lmfaoooo I’m dying every single time Kmichellemusic went straight MEMPHIS on her😂.”

One fan wrote, “K you a mess girl 😂😂 this video keep me rolling. She cleared it fast asf 😂.”

K. Michelle currently stars on season 5 of “LHHH” and seems to be causing a little chaos on the show.

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