Tami Roman Regretfully Confirms She’s Not with Child After Fan’s Speculation

A major part of Tami Roman’s storyline on “Basketball Wives” has revolved around her inability to conceive as a reason for why she doesn’t want to marry long-time boyfriend Reggie Youngblood. It’s a sore topic for the star so her disappointed answer to a recent question concerning pregnancy was expected.

That happened when Roman hosted a Q&A on Instagram Wednesday, Oct. 24.

“Are you pregnant?” a fan wondered.

“I WISH!” Roman exclaimed accompanied by a screenshot of a scene from “Basketball Wives” as she chuckles with a drink in hand.

Tami Roman


The question likely stemmed from fans thinking there was a bun in the oven when Roman uploaded a Friday, Oct. 19 photo in a plaid suit outfit

“#fbf Me: I don’t want to wear this @styledbyudi: Just wear the suit dammit 😂😂😂,” the throwback post’s caption read.

Fans wondered if Roman had finally succeeded in becoming a mom again.

“Are you prego?”

“You pregnant.”

“Yess I see a baby bump. She’s pregnant.”

“Just read a blog and it’s saying, that in this pic ur showing a baby bump 👀👀@tamiroman.. idk u could be pregnant or bloated 🤷🏽‍♀️”

“Looking baby bumpish”

“tami is that a belly we seeeeee”

Roman has been open with her desire to get pregnant but admitted on “Basketball Wives” this past season that she didn’t want to marry Youngblood only for him to resent her for not being able to make him a father.

“If I don’t go through with having this baby, I don’t want him to resent me,” Roman said on the episode that aired on VH1 at the end of July.

In a confessional scene, she explained further.

“At the beginning of our relationship, Reggie wanted kids,” Roman said. “And I absolutely tried three times to make this happen for him. And after the third miscarriage, I figured maybe this is a sign … The closer we get to this marriage thing, I know it’s going to circle back up.”

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