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‘LHHH’ on Fire as Akbar’s Girlfriend and Wife Go Head to Head in Confrontation

Akbar Abdul-Ahad‘s love triangle came to a head during Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” as his wife and girlfriend clashed over Teairra Mari‘s revenge porn case.

Social media was on fire last night after Akbar’s wife Sade Abdul-Ahad and his girlfriend Alejandra got into a heated argument. The two women have been labeled as the “sisterwives” by fans after both women agreed to have a mutual romantic relationship with Akbar.

However, things took a rocky turn after Akbar’s second girlfriend singer Teairra Mari found out about Akbar’s polygamist ways and shortly afterward ended their relationship. “TT’s” involvement with Akbar caused some friction in his love triangle with Sade and Alejandra, especially after the former “Roc-A-Fella” artist sued him for allegedly leaking her sex-tape.

Akbar Abdul-Ahad

(photo credit: VH1)

Sade felt her husband was keeping her out of the loop on Mari’s revenge porn case pending against him and decided to pop up at Alejandra’s house where Akbar was staying. However, Alejandra wasn’t to pleased to see Sade and asked, “Why are you here?”

Sade shot back, “Am I not his wife? There’s rules to this situation and ya’ll are breaking them.”

The two women began a screaming match moments before Akbar intervened. He was seemingly taking up for his “side chick,” as he told his wife, “Ya’ll both gotta be quiet. … She in my life and you in my life and you gotta respect that and accept that.”

The heated exchange between Akbar, his wife Sade and girlfriend Alejandra had Twitter on fire as fans didn’t know how to react.

“These chicks gotta be desperrrate 😭 their is no way in he’ll this will go down in my marriage.. I don’t care money pretty eyes his ass will exit left.. this is cra cra…”

“This situation Akbar 🤔 has is unbelievable.. like literally unfathomable.. he told the 2 ladies ‘this is OUR situation..'”

“Akbar and his crew think they Ghost, Tasha & Angela😂.”

“This whole sitution make all these women look dumb an has made this man extra cocky.”

“Looks like wife is in first plate but second table!! Side lady has him on the palm of his hand and she called him King 🤴 lol My King is JESUS!”

Mari filed a lawsuit against Akbar in May claiming that he leaked their sex tapes on social media. The case is reportedly still pending against him.

View a clip from last night’s episode:

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