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Zonnique Pullins Posts Pic Fans Can’t Quite See Eye to Eye With

Zonnique PullinsZonnique Pullins was featured in a promotion for her show with her family “T.I. and Tiny Family and Friends Hustle,” and fans couldn’t help but notice her strange eye color. Saturday, Pullins’ fan page shared a short video of the reality star in the promo. In the video, Pullins is wearing a red blazer with blue hair but, one eye is grayish-blue color and the other is brown.

In the comments, fans seemed very confused about Pullins’ eye colors.

“Is one of her eyes blue and the other brown”

“was she having issues from them or just missed her natural eyes?”

“Wtf wrong with her eyes she going be blind if she don’t stop”

“Why are her eyes different colors? She looks amazing tho”

“I think she beautiful but they could have told the other implant contact or whatever out first before filming lol”

This isn’t the first time that Pullins’ eye colors has distracted her fans. Last month, she shared a photo of her flaunting a blond bob, but her different eye colors were very visible. Some fans defended the young reality star: “She’s beautiful!! She may have had problems I’m assuming it takes time for the eyes to heal so she’s getting them done at separate times… she’s gorg either way.”

Pullins admitted in 2015 that she permanently changed her eye color from brown to grayish blue through iris implant surgery.


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