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Zonnique Pullins Shows Off New Look But Fans Were Too Distracted By an Odd Eye Color

Tiny Harris‘ daughter Zonnique Pulins shared a new photo rocking a new look but it seems her fans were distracted by her eye color. Pullins was seen in the photo showing off her sleek new blonde bob, but her eye colors appear to be different. Her left eye is brown while the right eye is blue. Zonnique PullinsSome fans wanted to know if the former OMG Girlz member was in the process of changing her eye color back to brown, “You changed your eye color back? 💛😍😍😍”

“Probably taking them out because they are affecting her eyes”, explained another. “She’s beautiful!! She may have had problems I’m assuming it takes time for the eyes to heal so she’s getting them done at separate times… she’s gorg either way.”

Some people were just curious about what exactly was going on with the young socialite, “Two different color eyes?”, “Beautiful😍…but why are her eyes 2 different colors??😳”, “Would you say doing the permanent eye color change was a bad idea ?”

Back in 2015, Pullins opened up to Juicy Magazine about her surgical eye color change. This came soon after her mother did the same surgery. She told the magazine, “I did actually change my eye color as well, I just didn’t say anything about it… not at the same time [as her mom’s eye color change surgery] – not that long after her [Tiny Harris].”

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