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Joseline Hernandez Lets Fans Defend Her Against Trolls Who Drag Baby Bonnie’s Appearance

Joseline Hernandez is once again under fire for her 1-year-old daughter’s hairstyles, but this time fans are firing back at naysayers for their crude remarks.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” and her adorable toddler Bonnie Bella recently received a lot of heat from social media users who accused Hernandez of not combing her daughter’s hair. People continued to make snarky remarks like “go to any Black braiding shop” and “her hair is f***ed up.”

However, Hernandez’s fan base finally had enough of online trolls ridiculing the baby Bella and her “age-appropriate” hairstyles.

Hernandez took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon and shared a sweet photo of her 1-year-old getting ready for school. Bella donned a white polo cardigan with pink shorts and her hair was in two puff balls side twists. The mother of one captioned the image, “Was good kids! I’m on my way to school! You???? 😍.”

One person bashed baby Bonnie’s appearance and wrote, “@Joseline keeps Bonnie Bella looking fucked up and it’s from head to toe tore up. It’s like she thinks this is cool and the little girl is not the cutest so at least fix her up.”

Hernandez’s fans clapped back at Instagram trolls and jumped to the little girl’s defense.

“I don’t understand why you speaking on someone’s child. Why? Because she not dressing her like some Lil thot it’s a issue. There’s nothing wrong with what she has on. She’s a child DUH. Tf is wrong with people.”

“These comments are terrible 😳 B***hes on here with no edges talking about the baby’s hair….I need y’all to grow some hair first then talk about the baby.”

“We are so consumed with what society deems fashionable and beautiful that we forget what normal and age appropriate looks like some of y’all probably don’t know where y’all kids are right now….give Joseline some credit.”

Hernandez is clearly unbothered by online trolls and is in the midst of prepping for her new  We TV reality show “Joseline Takes Miami.” The show will focus on her raising Bonnie Bella as a single mother.

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