Fans Jump to Joseline Hernandez’s Defense After Trolls Continue to Bash Daughter’s Appearance

Joseline Hernandez can’t seem to get a break from online critics who continue to insult her one-year-old daughter’s image, but fans weren’t having it.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star dealt with naysayers who constantly critiqued her daughter’s hairstyle and fashion. The new mother didn’t pay any attention to haters and continued to post pictures of Bonnie Bella all over her social media.

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Joseline Instagram)

Hernandez took to Instagram on Wednesday and posted an adorable photo of her one-year-old daughter. The little girl was wearing her hair in individual puffs with a multi-colored bow and dressed in floral dressed.

The cute picture quickly went left once trolls began jibing at Bella’s hairstyle.

One person wrote, “Can u braid her hair. Ik the puffballs are easier to do but shes beautiful and deserves to wear pretty braids.”

Another naysayer added, “She can comb it sometimes with balls, barrets or 🎀 even beads💯.”

However, fans jumped to Hernandez and Bella’s defense and said there’s nothing wrong with the baby’s hair.

One fan told critics, “Hey everyone complaining about the baby hair ? I mean how else y’all want her hair to be? She’s like what 2 ? Or 1 how ever old she is she’s still a baby. She don’t need no braids no weave nothing but her natural curly hair. Y’all really tripping like I see nothing wrong with this baby hair being in little pony tails.”

Another fan of the reality star wrote, “I See Nothing Wrong With Her Hair .. Now If She Braid Her Hair Y’all Would Have Something To Say About That Also SMH !”

Hernandez will be making her way back to reality television with her daughter Bella. The reality celeb will starring on We Tv with her new show “Joseline Takes Miami.” Her storyline will focus on being a single mother and is set to premiere later this year.

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